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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rediscovered Hobby...Baseball

Since we no longer use this website as our Blog, Mike (me) has decided to completely change things up and begin to reuse the website in a completely different way.

Jenny said a few weeks ago that I need a hobby. The two things I enjoy most are traveling and baseball. Since I am at a point in my life when significant US/world travel is not practical, the obvious thing to me is to do something related to baseball.

After thinking about Jenny's statement for a while, I decided what I would like to do. I have decided to learn as many baseball related numbers and facts as possible; basically pretend to be a baseball historian. For unknown reasons, I am fascinated with baseball history and its numbers and enjoy reciting them. I am memorizing historically significant events and stats on a daily basis, and have decided to try and post interesting (at least to me) baseball related facts and information on this Blog.

My primary baseball interests are the Milwaukee Brewers, World Series history, ballparks' histories, and career statistical leaders (hits, home runs, pitching wins, steals, etc).

Historical baseball fact #1: There are three players in MLB history that played the majority of their careers in Milwaukee and collected over 3000 career base hits. Robin Yount is #16 on all-time list with 3,142 hits, Paul Molitor is #8 with 3,319, and Henry Aaron is #3 with 3,771.

I hope this can be something fun and maybe lead to my second career in the distant future....



Anonymous Nathan Silberhorn, aka Silby said...

Historical baseball fact #2: No MLB Park anywhere is the US has ever served Beerios. Go ahead, check it out!

Smoke it....

3:57 PM  

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