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Friday, April 27, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Kjersten says, "Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!"
Have a great day Matt!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to work......

After 10 weeks of being home with Kjersten, I have officially returned back to work. I've managed to get through most of the day and have been somewhat successful in keeping myself on task for the projects I need to work on. The fact that Mike and I ran over to see her at lunch may be what should be credited for preventing me from running from the office to get our baby. Frankly, in many ways it feels good to be back in the office and accomplishing something other than vaccuming the carpet or watching re-runs of Little House on the Prairie, but honestly that's where I'd rather be. I miss holding her in my arms a majority of the day, even if she is sound asleep and would be just as comfortable in her bassinet or swing. Time slips away so fast so the dishes can wait.

I know that she is in good hands and I think her babysitter, Bev, has fallen for her perhaps as quickly as we did. She told us that she has a hard time putting her down and she will likely be spoiled as it is hard to resist a cuddly baby. Knowing that she is being taken care of will make it easier to be here at the office all day.

The upside is that for the undetermined future, I will only be working three days a week so I will have a majority of the week to be with my kids. I am really looking forward to this as we get closer to summer as it will allow me to spend more time with Ashlynn and Alec too. For years, they have spent their summer days inside at a babysitter's house because I had to work and hopefully this summer we will be able to enjoy it. After all, in a few short years, they'll be at the age where they will deny that they even have parents! I am also appreciative to be able to continue in my participation with the Mom's group and getting the opportunity to make new friends outside of the office. I never thought I would become a Mom/baby group junkie.