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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kjersten is just over sixth months old now and the time has really flown. As you can see, she is sitting up now unsupported and progressing pretty well with the crawling. It's not a full crawl yet, but she is up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth. As soon as she tries to go for the movement, she typically falls flat on her belly and resorts back to her commando crawl. Boy can she get around fast.
I "babyproofed" the house, but I'm sure it is just a start. When you think you finally got everything secured, they ultimately find something else to get into. Toys are really not very interesting to a baby and she finds much excitement in the world around her.
Last night she discovered the door stop in the bathroom and had a blast with it. Everytime she'd pull it to one side or another and it would snap, she'd laugh hysterically. I had to take her upstairs to show Mike, but her enthusiasm while intact was muted in contrast to her initial discovery.
If you look closely at the photo, you can see her two bottom teeth. I suspect she has another coming in, but it has yet to make it's appearance past the gum. She is eating two to three "meals" of baby food a day now and taking them in her high chair. Ashlynn and Alec have even had a chance to feed her a little bit over the last couple of days. We are still nursing and are trying to get through the so-called Six Month slump which is progressively getting better. The goal was to get to a year, but we'll see what happens as more teeth are entered into the equation.
School starts in just a few weeks and Ashlynn and Alec are excited to see their friends, but naturally dreading the return to school work. Ashlynn will be entering fifth grade this year and will turn 11 in October. I can't believe it. She is continuing with her violin and will also be joining the band to learn the flute. She still has no interest in sports, but music isn't such a bad hobby either. She is happy to be at the top of the elementary school food chain, but is really starting to think about the following year in Middle School (ugh!).
Alec will enter the fourth grade and will have the same teacher Ashlynn had last year. I am hoping that she will have the same effect on Alec that she had on Ashlynn in getting her to put forth her best effort. She is a wonderful teacher with good diplomatic skills, patience, but she is tough on the kids to be organized and complete their assignments. Alec tends to be argumentative, but I can't see him being hopeful to winning any arguments with her. I am hoping he will see that it is futile to try and be on his best behavior in school this year. He is a bright kid, but I think he has met his match with Mrs. Isham.